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Humanities & Basic Science



We are broadly aware of the extensive use of English language in the field of Trade, Commerce, Travel, Tourism, Medicine and Engineering. As Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said "English is the window of the world", English language being the lingua- Franca of the world plays an indispensable role in the life of every professional. The Department focuses on an array of skills related to personal growth along with LSRW SKILLS. The method of training is highly interactive and practical approach. The students imbibe the skills and attributes of a language acquisition in a gradual and subtle way. Apart from the university curriculum special and intensive training classes is conducted to improve the communication skills of the students from rural areas. The Department organizes workshops every semester to enlighten, educate and enhance the key skills sets of the students. The Department endeavors its best to bridge the gap between the academia and industry. The students are trained to fit for the global world.

Employability Training

The English department has a specialized wing for training the students in corporate and employability skills. The students will be equipped to face interviews and real work situations boldly.


Chemistry has an important role to play in achieving a sustainable civilization on earth. Chemistry is important for engineering students. The knowledge of chemistry is very essential as it uncovers diverse fields. Design and development of new materials, quality control, environmental engineering , etc. are basically chemical in nature. The Department of chemistry stands focused to its idealistic principles and aims at imparting the basic applicable concepts along with the curriculum designed by the university. The faculty members are well-qualified, dedicated, experienced and research oriented. The department is structured with well developed equipment and modern technology. The department hosts seminars and workshops to heighten the learning capacity of the students.


Physics is the mother of engineering and technology. Without the application of concepts of physics there can be no technological development. The department of physics endeavors its best to impart quality education to the undergraduate students of engineering, the physics laboratory is accommodated with modern and sophisticated equipment for the students to conduct experiments. The university curriculum is spread over two semesters. The faculty members of the department are well-qualified, dedicated, experienced and research-oriented. Student-centric methodology of teaching is adopted and the subjects are dealt in a lucid manner to educate and train the students in different concepts.


Mathematics has a wide variety of applications in science, engineering and management. The Department of Mathematics plays a pivotal role in teaching students the skills in mathematics. The teaching methodology is updated to meet the students requirements. The Department hosts workshops and seminars to improve the logical thinking and reasoning skills of the students. The department has well-qualified, experienced and adept faculty members.

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